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Singer. Songwriter. Musician. A sincere passion to his craft, along with a diverse musical taste helps to create the unique sound that is Sammy Krimstein. At 19 years old, he loves sharing his music with live audiences, and on numerous streaming platforms.

Sammy has been performing at live venues all around the DC area since he was in elementary school. He has been the lead guitarist and singer in award-winning local band Karousel for seven years, where he has had the pleasure of creating music with his friends. Karousel has released several songs on streaming services and performs a set of covers from a wide variety of genres. 

Sammy has been performing as a solo act since 2021. He combines vocal talent with his guitar skills to create a unique and captivating sound. From funky jams, to bluesy guitar solos, to folky ballads, Sammy's solo set contains a little bit of everything.

Sammy also has released two songs on streaming platforms, with more to come!


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